Word Searches

Phonetic Word Searches are like traditional word searches, except the puzzles’ letters have been replaced by phonetic symbols. At the bottom of each puzzle page you will find a list of words pertaining to a particular topic, such as the weather, pets, or shapes. Hidden in the block of phonetic letters in the middle of the page are the phonetic spellings of the words on the list. The spellings can appear horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, and either forwards or backwards. There are also phonetic misspellings of the words hidden in the block which are designed to trick you, so make sure that you circle only the correct spellings of the words as they sound.

Word Search

Word Search 1 – Weather      Word Search 1 – Weather (Answers)

Word Search 2 – Pets      Word Search 2 – Pets (Answers)

Word Search 3 – Prepositions      Word Search 3 – Prepositions (Answers)

Word Search 4 – Time     Word Search 4 – Time (Answers)

Word Search 5 – Jewellery      Word Search 5 – Jewellery (Answers)

Word Search 6 – Film Genres      Word Search 6 – Film Genres (Answers)

Word Search 7 – Tools      Word Search 7 – Tools (Answers)

Word Search 8 – Kitchen      Word Search 8 – Kitchen (Answers)

Word Search 9 – Art     Word Search 9 – Art (Answer)

Word Search 10 – Shapes      Word Search 10 – Shapes (Answers)

Word Search Set 1-10      Word Search Set 1-10 (Answers)


  • To make these puzzles even more difficult, cover up some or all of the words on the word list before photocopying.


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