The rules for Phonetic Add-A-Letter follow those of the traditional Add-A-Letter game, which is also known as a Word Ladder.

In the grid below, fill in the three spaces after number 1 with the three-letter phonetic spelling of the answer to clue 1. Then rearrange these three phonetic letters and add a fourth phonetic letter to them somewhere to form the four-letter phonetic spelling to the answer to clue 2. (Write the fourth letter you added in the space after the + sign.) Then rearrange the four letters of this phonetic spelling and add a fifth phonetic letter to form the five letter phonetic spelling to the answer to clue 3. (Write the fifth letter you added in the space after the + sign.)

Add A Letter Example

Repeat these three steps with the three, four, and five-letter phonetic spellings to the answers to clues 4-6, 7-9, and 10-12. When completed, the phonetic letters after the + signs will form, reading down, the phonetic spellings of the answers to clues 13 and 14.

 Add A Letter Image

Add-A-Letter 1     Add-A-Letter 1 (Answers)

Add-A-Letter 2     Add-A-Letter 2 (Answers)

Add-A-Letter 3     Add-A-Letter 3 (Answers)

Add-A-Letter 4     Add-A-Letter 4 (Answers)

Add-A-Letter 5      Add-A-Letter 5 (Answers)

Add-A-Letter 6     Add-A-Letter 6 (Answers)

Add-A-Letter 7     Add-A-Letter 7 (Answers)

 Add-A-Letter 8     Add-A-Letter 8 (Answers)

Add-A-Letter 9     Add-A-Letter 9 (Answers)

Add-A-Letter 10   Add-A-Letter 10 (Answers)

 Add-A-Letter 11     Add-A-Letter 11 (Answers)

Add-A-Letter 12    Add-A-Letter 12 (Answers)

Add-A-Letter Set 1-12   Add-A-Letter Set 1-12 (Answers)

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