In a Syllaballistic puzzle, you will find the phonetic spellings of a number of words related to a particular theme, such as school supplies or homes and residences. However, the phonetic spellings of the words have been broken down into their syllables and sorted alphabetically. Your goal is to reconnect the syllables to rebuild the words. To help you, you will be given not only the number of words you need to rebuild, but the number of phonetic letters and syllables for each word. Every syllable on the list must be used, but used only once, so cross out the syllables as you use them. When you are finished, write out the English spellings of the words in the spaces to the right.

Short Syllaballistic Example

Syllaballistic 1 – Downtown      Syllaballistic 1 – Downtown (Answers)

Syllaballistic 2 – Vacation      Syllaballistic 2 – Vacation (Answers)

Syllaballistic 3 – School Supplies      Syllaballistic 3 – School Supplies (Answers)

Syllaballistic 4 – Homes and Residences  Syllaballistic 4 – Homes and Residences (Answers)

Syllaballistic 5 – School Subjects      Syllaballistic 5 – School Subjects (Answers)

Syllaballistic Set 1-5     Syllaballistic Set 1-5 (Answers)

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