Missing Letters

There are two Phonetic Missing Letter Puzzles, the first based on consonants, the second on vowels.

In both puzzles you are given a list of words which are pronounced with five phonetic letters. However, each of the words is missing its third phonetic letter. The missing letters are listed above the words. Your task is to put the letters on the list back into the empty spaces to complete the words. However, each phonetic symbol on the letter list may be used only once. Cross out the letters as you use them. When you have found the right letters for all the words on the list, write the English spellings of the words on the lines to the right.

Missing Letter Example

Missing Letter 1 – Consonants      Missing Letter 1 – Consonants (Answers)

Missing Letter 2 – Vowels      Missing Letter 2 – Vowels (Answers)

Missing Letter Set 1-2      Missing Letter Set 1-2 (Answers)

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