In a Phonetic Codebreaking puzzle, you are given a list of words pertaining to a certain theme, such as family members or rooms of a house. The words have been written out in phonetic letters, but in a code in which each phonetic letter of the words’ true phonetic spellings has been replaced with another phonetic letter. The code will be the same for all of the words on the list, so that, for instance, if the phonetic letter /p/ in one word on the list stands for the phonetic letter /k/, it will stand for the phonetic letter /k/ wherever it appears in the puzzle.

Your task is to solve the code and discover the true phonetic spellings of the words on the list. Write the correct phonetic spellings of the words in the blanks under the Phonetic Spelling column. Then write the spellings of the words in English in the third column.

Codebreaking Image

Codebreaking 1 – Numbers      Codebreaking 1 – Numbers (Answers)

Codebreaking 2 – Colours      Codebreaking 2 – Colours (Answers)

Codebreaking 3 – Family      Codebreaking 3 – Family (Answers)

Codebreaking 4 – House      Codebreaking 4 – House (Answers)

Codebreaking 5 – Sports      Codebreaking 5 – Sports (Answers)

Codebreaking 6 – Illnesses      Codebreaking 6 – Illnesses (Answers)

Codebreaking Set 1-6     Codebreaking Set 1-6 (Answers)

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