Kriss Krosses

In each of the following Phonetic Kriss Kross puzzles, you will find a list of words related to a particular theme, such as jobs, countries, or musical instruments. Next to the words on the list are spaces for you to write out the phonetic spellings of the words. After you have written out the words’ phonetic spellings, place these phonetic spellings in the grid at the top of the page so that the words intersect, as in the following example:

Picture 1

Some Tips:

  • If you are unsure of the phonetic spelling of a word, start with the consonants. You may be able to find the phonetic spelling’s place on the grid using just those letters, while the words that intersect with it on the grid may give you some idea of what the other letters might be.
  • Pay attention to the number of phonetic letters it takes to spell a word when searching for its place on the grid. For instance, if you find that only one word on the list is spelt with ten phonetic letters, then there should only be one ten-blank row or column on the grid for the word to be placed.

Kriss Kross 1 – Describing Clothes     Kriss Kross 1 – Describing Clothes (Answers)

Kriss Kross 2 – Car Parts      Kriss Kross 2 – Car Parts (Answers)

Kriss Kross 3 – Transportation      Kriss Kross 3 – Transportation (Answers)

Kriss Kross 4 – Furnishings      Kriss Kross 4 – Furnishings (Answers)

Kriss Kross 5 – The Body      Kriss Kross 5 – The Body (Answers)

Kriss Kross 6 – Computer      Kriss Kross 6 – Computer (Answers)

Kriss Kross 7 – Clothes      Kriss Kross 7 – Clothes (Answers)

Kriss Kross 8 – Maps & Globes      Kriss Kross 8 – Maps & Globes (Answers)

Kriss Kross 9 – Feeling      Kriss Kross 9 – Feeling (Answers)

Kriss Kross 10 – Fruits & Vegetables      Kriss Kross 10 – Fruits & Vegetables (Answers)

Kriss Kross 11 – Mammals      Kriss Kross 11 – Mammals (Answers)

Kriss Kross 12 – Musical Instruments      Kriss Kross 12 – Musical Instruments (Answers)

Kriss Kross 13 – Jobs      Kriss Kross 13 – Jobs (Answers)

Kriss Kross 14 – Male Names      Kriss Kross 14 – Male Names (Answers)

Kriss Kross 15 – Female Names      Kriss Kross 15 – Female Names (Answers)

Kriss Kross 16 – Countries      Kriss Kross 16 – Countries (Answers)

Kriss Kross Set 1-16     Kriss Kross Set 1-16 (Answers)

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