Phonetics For Fanatics offers pencil puzzles that have been adapted to the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) for students of English as a Second Language. Here you will find familiar puzzle types, such as word searches, drop quotes, and kriss krosses, that have been redesigned so that the puzzles’ emphasis is on the sounds of English, as spoken by modern British speakers.

The menu tabs provide instructions for completing the puzzles, as well as the downloadable and printable PDF files for the puzzles and answer keys. In most cases, the instructions for the puzzles also appear on the puzzle pages as well, so that the students may read the instructions for completing the puzzles on their own.

The puzzles have been designed with Pre-Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate students in mind, although a few of the puzzles may offer a challenge to Advanced learners as well. A few of the puzzle pages offer tips at the bottom of the page for increasing the difficulty of the puzzles.

If you are looking for a puzzle that deals with a particular topic, such as the weather, modes of transportation, or clothing, use the search bar on the right to locate it. The Themes page also provides an alphabetical listing of the puzzles’ topics for easy reference and linking.

If you are interested in downloading all 66 puzzles as a single PDF file, click the following link for the Phonetics For Fanatics Book. This format has the added benefit of employing page numbering to allow for fast navigation between the puzzles and their answer keys.

New puzzles and new puzzle types will be added from time to time. You can vote for your favorite puzzle type or suggest new puzzle types by visiting the Contact page. You can also provide other suggestions by using the contact form on that page.

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