On this page you will find an alphabetical listing of the topics featured in the themed puzzles of Phonetics For Fanatics, along with the type of puzzle in which they are featured. Click on the theme to open up the PDF file for the puzzle. Click on (Answers) next to the theme to open up the PDF file for the puzzle’s answer key. Click on the puzzle type after the dash to be taken to the puzzle’s home page.

Art    (Answers)Word Search 9

The Body    (Answers)Kriss Kross 5

Car Parts    (Answers)Kriss Kross 2

Clothes (Describing)    (Answers)Kriss Kross 1

Clothes (Types of)     (Answers)Kriss Kross 7

Colours    (Answers)Codebreaking 2

Computer Terms    (Answers)Kriss Kross 6

Countries of the World     (Answers)Kriss Kross 16

Downtown     (Answers)Syllaballistic 1

Family Members     (Answers)Codebreaking 3

Feelings    (Answers)Kriss Kross 9

Female Names    (Answers)Kriss Kross 15

Film Genres    (Answers)Word Search 6

Fruits & Vegetables     (Answers)Kriss Kross 10

Furnishings    (Answers)Kriss Kross 4

Homes & Residences     (Answers)Syllaballistic 4

House Parts    (Answers)Codebreaking 4

Illnesses & Complaints    (Answers)Codebreaking 6

Jewellery     (Answers)Word Search 5

Jobs     (Answers)Kriss Kross 13

Kitchen Utensils     (Answers)Word Search 8

Male Names     (Answers)Kriss Kros 14

Mammals    (Answers)Kriss Kross 11

Maps & Globes     (Answers)Kriss Kross 8

Musical Instruments     (Answers)Kriss Kross 12

Numbers    (Answers)Codebreaking 1

Pets     (Answers)Word Search 2

Prepositions    (Answers)Word Search 3

School Subjects     (Answers)Syllaballistic 5

School Supplies    (Answers)Syllaballistic 3

Shapes    (Answers)Word Search 10

Sports     (Answers)Codebreaking 5

Time     (Answers)Word Search 4

Tools    (Answers)Word Search 7

Transportation    (Answers)Kriss Kross 3

Vacation     (Answers)Syllaballistic 2

Weather    (Answers)Word Search 1

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